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Our Yard


The Hermanns Yard is located just north of Toronto, west of highway 400. Our 30-acre site includes over 18,000 sqft of covered storage for supply of dry soils and custom engineered products. Our products are manufactured and blended at our controlled site, and each soil blend is tested for quality control by third-parties.

Hermanns has been producing high quality soils and mulch, since 1991.

We believe that successful projects are a direct result of the utilization of quality of bulk organic materials. Furthermore, we believe that it is imperative to verify the quality of the materials delivered.

The Hermanns site is a controlled facility, producing premium quality bulk organic materials. We are not a waste management facility where products can be contaminated with large amounts of plastic. Our yard equipment is maintained to the highest standards to support loading of materials for delivery and pick-ups efficiently and effectively.

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