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The Terraseeding™ process has simplified soil stabilization measures to a one step application. Hermanns composted soil mulch BioEarth™ provides numerous benefits when used in erosion and sediment control practices. The two greatest benefits are its immediate effectiveness and its ability to bind and degrade specific contaminates. Because BioEarth™ is applied at significant rates; it completely covers the soil surface thereby impacting soil movement reduction by nearly 100%. Its effectiveness is due to its ability to disperse water and thereby improve its percolation rate through the soil. Because it is primarily made from compost, BioEarth™ is naturally stable and possesses significant amounts of humic acids giving it the ability to bind nutrients and heavy metals as moisture passes through it. In addition, it improves the cation exchange capacity of the soil increasing sites in which nutrients can be bound as well as provide a home for microorganisms to proliferate. Organisms found within BioEarth™ t have the ability to degrade organic contaminants such as hydrocarbons found in petroleum based materials.


When slopes and soil stability become a concern, the EcoBlanket® application is a far superior alternative to the erosion control blanket, straw mulching and hydroseeding. The EcoBlanket® is created by the Terraseeding™ process which, depending upon the degree of the slope, is usually a 50mm (2") layer of BioEarth™ that, along with the specified seed, is injected with a product called Microblend® at the time of application. Microblend® is a blend of natural and biodegradable organic ingredients that immediately stabilizes the BioEarth™, greatly improves the bond with the existing soil surface and provides long-term nutrient resources for the proliferation of bacteria and beneficial fungi. The EcoBlanket® provides stable growth and establishes permanent vegetation, whether it is grasses, wildflowers or a combination thereof.


An EcoBerm® installation eliminates the need for plastic silt fencing. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to erosion and sediment control which is highly effective and installed properly provides 100% ground contact. As it is made from BioEarth™, it eliminates the need for removal as it will naturally break down and eventually disappear leaving only a benefit to the soil where it was placed. In certain installations, the EcoBerm® is used in combination with the EcoBlanket® application for added effectiveness and protection. The EcoBerm® can be installed with or without seed and does not require ditching or reinforcement.


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