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  • Minimum 10 yard delivery per load (and per product)

  • No driving or unloading on grass, only on driveways and hard surfaces (asphalt/interlock)

  • No unloading deliveries on the street unless ticket is signed upon delivery, or proof of permit

  • Please allow a 3 hour window for delivery

  • We reserve the right not to dump if conditions are dangerous (overhead wires, hydro meters, tree branches, etc.) and/or unsafe conditions determined by the driver

  • If the conditions are deemed “unsafe” the delivery will not be completed and the delivery charges and re-stocking fees will apply

  • Additional charges may be applied for on-site wait times over 30 minutes

  • We recommend placing a tarp down to indicate product drop, and to protect the below area


Disclaimer of Damages: In no event will either party be liable to the other party for any indirect, special, punitive, exemplary, incidental or consequential damages beyond the municipal curb line. The limitation will be apply regardless of whether or not the other party has been advised of the possibility of such damages.


  • Concerns with any product must be made within 24 hours from the time of pick-up or delivery and accompanied by a signed ticket. Deliveries with unsigned tickets are at the client’s risk

  • Please note that, without visiting your site, we use the tools available and the dimensions you provided in order to offer an educated estimate, to the best of our ability. Hermanns is not responsible for any inaccurate estimates, please double check your measurements before finalizing your order.

  • Please note that certain products will occasionally become limited, available quantities may fluctuate. Made to order products require a deposit/ credit authorization prior to production

  • Dyed product may stain interlock, stones, shiplap, plants etc. For delivery, place a tarp down to protect your driveway, and use gloves while handing this product to avoid color transfer

  • Due to the nature of our natural products, we cannot guarantee exact product replication on each load. Size and colour may vary.

Pick Up & Loading:

  • Visitors must have adequate trailers in order to be loaded

  • Pickup trucks, and utility trailers will not be loaded

  • Dump Trailers, Tandem & Tri-axle Dump Trucks, Walking & Live Bottom Trailers, and Roll-off bins are accepted for loading. If you have any questions regarding your vehicles acceptance please call 905-939-1230

  • There is a 5 yard minimum on all pick-ups


  • Visa, Cash, MasterCard, Debit and cheque are accepted

  • Retail clients or non-approved commercial accounts do not receive credit terms, if you would like to apply for credit please call 905-939-1230 or email

  • Discrepancies or Concerns with respect to any invoice must be made within 5 business days

  • Payment or pre-authorization must be made in full prior to delivery, or due on pick-up (not applicable on credited accounts)

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