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Hermanns Seasoned Pine Mulch Blower Truc
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Our unique Blower Truck technology provides our customers with innovative and cost-effective methods of installing a variety of organic soils, green roof soils, mulches, compost, playground surfaces and granular products.

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Mulch installation by Blower Truck is another highly innovative service provided by Hermanns Contracting for the landscape industry. Incorporating a pneumatic conveying system that can easily install mulch at a distance of 90 meters (300'), mulching has become clean, efficient, accurate and cost-effective.

Mulching new or existing trees and planting beds as a scheduled maintenance practice is easily accomplished by the Blower Truck. For mulch installations, there is no longer a need to dump mulch materials in a pile or to create ruts in established turf areas. The Blower Truck delivers the mulch to the job site and then blows it directly onto the beds from the truck. For interior landscapes or multi-level garden terraces, mulch can be installed as high as the 12th floor of a building and is the most effective delivery alternative compared to using a crane or tote bags.


Soil placement has been revolutionized with the Blower Truck technology. Product innovation through research and development has enabled Hermanns to provide a variety of organic soils which can be efficiently and effectively installed by Blower Truck. Limited only by product type, density and moisture content, the pneumatic conveying system can easily install soils at a distance of 90 meters (300 feet) or sometimes greater from the blower truck.

Whether placing soils in planters, creating new planting beds or topping up existing ones, the Blower Truck provides an innovative solution to maximizing material handling and placement. The Blower Truck delivers the soil material to the job site and efficiently blows in place how much is needed, where it's needed, when it is needed. Having no need to stockpile soil materials on site, product usage is maximized by reducing work space and schedule constraints as well as eliminating product waste due to double handling, spillage, compaction, on-site contamination and exposure to rain.

For interior landscapes or multi-level garden terraces, soils can be installed cleanly and efficiently as high as the 12th floor of a building and is the most effective alternative to using a crane or tote bags.


Hermanns supplies and installs by Blower Truck the following soil products: BioEarth™, EnviroBlend, and Garden Blend.


With the growing popularity of green roof gardens and the evident challenges in servicing their creation, the Blower Truck technology provides a safe, efficient and cost effective solution to providing soil materials where they are required. Having the ability to blow in roof garden soils as high as the 12th floor of a building and having a commanding fleet of blower units, our team of professional operators can install materials within one day if required.

Hermanns supplies and installs: HRT Extensive Mix, and HRT Intensive Mix.


When Engineered Wood Fiber is the product of choice as a playground safety surface or is required for topping up an existing play area, the Blower Truck is by far the most efficient and effective method of product installation. Using the Blower Truck to deliver and install the playground surface material assures that no contamination will occur with the product as it is being placed. Utilizing traditional stockpiling and loading equipment, the risk of contaminating the playground material with unwanted soils, granulars and possible equipment fluid leaks is high and can affect the integrity of quality safety assurance a contractor is obligated to provide. Depending on the fall height requirement, the product is generally installed at 300 mm - 400 mm thickness on a free draining base.


Fine, washed, clear granular can also be installed with the Blower Truck. Where traditional loading equipment is rendered inefficient or impossible and manual labor appears to be the only choice for installation, the Blower Truck can offer an effective solution. Typical granular installations have been implemented for drainage course preparations under pavers, behind retaining walls, planters, roof tops, sewer and water main projects, and as a decorative mulch or ground accent.


Hermanns supplies and installs the following granular products: HPB ¼" Stone, 1/4" to ½" Round Stone, 3/8" Pea Gravel


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