Landscape Soils

Designed soils blended with Aged Pine Bark Substrate

Developed by sourcing and processing sustainable and locally sourced raw materials.

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Growing Media

Soilless media for use in potting mixes and soil blends.

Blend of high quality composted products

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Soil Amendments

Added essential organic matter, nutrients and structure to existing soils

Blended to give new life to pre-existing soil

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Green Roof Mixes

HRT Extensive and HRT Intensive spec mixes

Blended and designed soil to meet Green Roof Construction standards.

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Landscape Mulch

Created from sustainable forest by-products

Mulches enhance curb appeal and increase moisture retention and weed suppression

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Playground Surfaces

Playsafe engineered wood fibre is mulch-like mixture of 100% virgin wood.

Playsafe is an IPEMA certified Engineered Wood Fibre (EWF) used in playground surfacing to create a safe and accessible playground.

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Hermanns strong foundation has been built on providing Environmental, Horticultural, Commercial and Recreational infrastructure servicing government, industry, institutions, developers and residences.

Our divisions have thrived through continuous innovations. Our dedicated team and leadership are second to none. We are proud to be celebrating 25+ years in business and are looking forward to a prosperous future.

- Jorg Hermanns
Founder & President

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